Life Skills taught in every Kids Jiu Jitsu class. Martial arts for kids ages 2-14

Life Skills taught in every Kids Jiu Jitsu class. Martial arts for kids ages 2-14

Kids brazilian JIU JITSU (ages 6-9)

Are you looking for Kids Martial Arts in the Cypress or Houston area? You have found the right place for your child to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids!

The LEVEL UP Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Martial Arts program located in the city of Cypress Texas, is perfect for children in the Kindergarten through Elementary school ages who are beginning to learn more about themselves and the world. In this program kids are taught how to be focused, disciplined, confident, and also how to defend themselves without punching and kicking an attacker. Kids learn to ward off bullies through words, confidence, and through non-violent Jiu Jitsu methods of self defense.


In addition to mindset skills taught in class your child will be able to physically defend themselves if needed. They will learn the basics of bully prevention including using their words correctly, building their confidence, and also real life self defense skills that really work.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu works without having to throw any strike, punch or kick at an opponent. Your child will be able to escape a physical confrontation at school or when confronted by a bully anywhere if needed, without having to hit another child or strike them in any way whatsoever. This is the one of the main differences between Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes here at LEVEL UP Houston and many other Martial Arts, Karate, and Tae Kwon Do schools in Houston which teach children how to punch or kick another child who is bothering them or confronting them. The benefit of the Level Up Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is that children are encouraged to use words before using their martial arts skills. If their words do not work they will also be able to defend themselves using leverage, positioning, and control from their newly acquired Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills.

You will love the fun, active, and fast pace of the Kids Jiu Jitsu classes in the Level Up academy. Parents rave about the attention given to kids, and the fast pace of classes which keep kids engaged, enjoying, and coming back for more!

Jiu Jitsu in Cypress, TX for children ages 2 to 14 years old learning bully defense

Jiu Jitsu in Cypress, TX for children ages 2 to 14 years old learning bully defense


teens brazilian jiu jitsu (ages 10-14)

This is a very important time in the child’s life as they are preparing for Junior High School, and High School. There is a lot of peer pressure, and societal pressure on kids of this age. Because of this, our Level Up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Teens curriculum focuses on confidence building, good habit building, goal setting, and self defense skills such as bully prevention techniques and theories.

Benefits for your child learning in
the LEVEL UP Houston Jiu Jitsu Teens Program:

Interpersonal Skills (how to interact positively and effectively with others)
Responsibility (learning to take responsibility for ones actions)
- Self Respect and for Respect for others (learning to respect peers and adults as well as gaining self confidence and respect for themselves)
Physical fitness (staying in shape through healthy exercise, healthy eating, and overall healthy living)
Positive Prioritizing (knowing how important school, academics, fitness, and health are and how to overcome
Reaching Goals (setting and reaching goals and how to overcome obsticals that sometimes seem to get in the way)
Avoiding Peer Pressure ( how to combat peer pressure through confidence and high self worth)
Conflict resolution (learning how to verbally communicate in order to avoid resolve conflict)
Good decision making (learning to make positive choices at this important time in a teenagers life)


introductory lesson & trial for your child!